Hi, I'm Jordan Keels.  Welcome to my website! 

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I began my yoga in 2008, initially drawn to the physical aspects of the practice. I had been active for years, running, going to spin classes, etc., and was suffering from some overuse injuries as a result. I believed yoga would help me heal physically; however, it began to heal me on a deeper level as well. Having a type-A personality, yoga challenged me in ways that I had never before experienced, and as I delved deeper into the practice, it began to teach me more than I could have ever imagined. Things simply made sense, and all I could imagine doing was sharing that experience with others.

I completed my 230 hours teacher training through Asheville Yoga Center with Stephanie Keach in May 2011 and have been teaching ever since.


I teach a vinyasa flow style class with a strong focus on alignment and breath. I believe yoga is for everyone, no matter how flexible you are. My classes include options for everyone, whether its your first yoga class or your 500th.

Its important to acknowledge the deeper impact beginning a yoga practice has on your life. It's not just a workout, even if it is a great one. With the willingness to explore the connection between our minds and bodies, we open ourselves up to great transformation, and to the possibility of rediscovering our truth and our innate happiness....the sweetness of life!


I am also passionate about nutrition, and believe that our relationship with food should be a happy one.  I love cooking for others, and sharing the love for the communal experience of feeding our bodies and souls.  Please check out the Food section for more information.

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- Jordan Keels